National population Register (NPR) has been created as the main database, which is maintained by the Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, and Government of India.


If you don’t have the NPR card then you can find the feature details below and if you already applied for the NPR Card in your locality and wanted to know the status of NPR card  then follow below steps.

Sample NPR Card

Highlights of the database

  • By creating this sort of database, the government aims at better dissemination and fruitful implementation of benefits and services of government schemes.
  • It helps the government in making better planning.
  • By this, the marginalized sections of the society get highlighted and get social protection.

Features of National Population Register

  • The section 14 A of the Citizenship Act, 1955(revised in 2004), every citizen has to register as a citizen in the National Register of Indian Citizens.
  • The making of the National population Register is the first ever initiative by the government of India behind NRIC.
  • In the global database of masses, the division of citizens in India would be determined by the vetting of citizenship status in the database.
  • All these provisions make it compulsory for the citizens of India to register in the database.
  • The registration with NPR gives you your identity card, which is known as “aadhar card”.

How can you check your NPR status online?

  • First of all go to this page, you need to login with  and as this website plays a key role in giving your NPR card status you need to click on the link for UIDAI given at the bottom.
  • The link will take you to the webpage of UIDAI and there you need to click on the right side “check your aadhar status”.
  • Do the same on the next available page and give all your relevant data, such as enrollment number, date, time in the receipt from the registration center and at last enter the image below.  As you finally click on the “submit” button, you will get all your pertinent data about your status.