New India assurance Company Ltd is a government- owned insurance company with a nation-wide network.  Moreover, since its start in the year 1919, it has extended its service network to 22 other nations in the world. Now headquartered in Mumbai, it has an outstanding global business turnover of Rs 12,500 crores and for its outstanding performance it has earned the recognition of A-(Excellent stable outlook) by AM post.

The New India Assurance providing Polciy

Redefining the history of Insurance in India

As a market leader, it has 1600 offices in India. With a staff strength of 19,000 employees, it gives its services though 50,000 agents. It has magnificent product range consisting of 160 types of policies that assure complete protection to people.

Giving insurance protection to a number of industries

It has taken under its fold of protection industries like Petrochemical, Oil & energy industry, power and steel plants, aviation, satellite, and other large projects in rural and urban areas. It has tie-ups with many organizations to extend insurance coverage to the clients of various industries. As a matter of fact, it is the front-ranking agency of the government to give insurance benefits under various schemes to the masses.

Foreign operations-in a nutshell

New India assurance began its foreign operations decades back. As of now, it operates in 22 nations through different tie-ups. Although at some places, it operates through direct branches, various direct companies have tied up with it to work as associate organizations. With a commendable presence in Singapore, Kenya, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, this giant in insurance sector has gained the trust of millions of its policy holders throughout the world.

Promoter of other companies

In India, it is the promoter of Agriculture Insurance Company of India Ltd and GIC Insurance Companies India Ltd. Both the subsidiaries are the front-ranking organizations in agriculture and other related insurance sector.

How can you take a policy?

New India assurance has an impressive number of branches in India. In almost all the small big and small cities in India and rural corners, it has opened its branches. You can approach its agent or officer in the any branch located inside your city and get the insurance protection as per your choice. 160 types of policies in its product range can cover almost your every need.

Can you download the application form?

Yes, you can! Go to this URL  and on the top of the webpage, click on the “products” and click on the “download forms” in the last option.  All the application forms are available as links, which you can download and get prints.

Know the status of your policy?

New India Assurance provides a registered account in its domain to all its clients. Once you become its policy holder, you gain the access through login to your account and can get the right status of your policy.