The Madhur Courier service was established in the year 1986. Engaging the most advanced and technologically superior collection and distribution system, it has truly shown a positive attitude towards winning the confidence of the customers. The company has its headquarters in Bhopal and zonal offices at 13 important strategic places and regional offices at 15 places in India.

Other than the zonal and regional offices, it has also opened 2500 branch offices throughout the country. With this entire vast network, it is now capable of reaching out to every part in the nook and corner of the nation.

The Madhur Courier Services in India

Surprisingly, this unique network in courier service does not nurture the very idea of expanding to the foreign nations to make its presence felt in those parts; rather it is keen on building an unbeatable position in the domestic market, building links to serve every part of it. Let’s check how to track Madhur Courier Services online step by step below.


Consignment tracking in Madhur Courier service

  • In order to know the exact status of your consignment, kindly login to here and the webpage is the official page of the courier service. Don’t worry about the design, hopefully Madhur courier will change their design soon.
  • On the left of it, you will have the “tracking” column and there you enter your consignment number. It is just below the customer panel.

The tracking box of Madhur courier on left hand side of the website

  • Once you give your consignment number and click on the “go” on the right, it will show your exact status, giving details like type of the consignment, date of the consignment, type of document, details of OGM run sheet number, and present status with details.

Customer Care Number

The Madhur Courier Services also provide customer care number that works 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 Am to 6 PM. You can also locate your consignment by making calls to the customer support number at (755) 4022222 / 4022211.