You would certainly feel impressed to hear that being just a decade old company in insurance ING Vysya has more than 1 million customers. Its unprecedented growth has surged past all its contemporaries in business and moreover this company enjoys highest credibility as EXIDE Industries Ltd is a major share-holder of this company.


What makes you repose your trust in ING Vysya Life Insurance?

1) The company just makes you available with all kinds of services in insurance. Better call it A-Z in your needs that can be fairly insured to give you complete coverage from risks.

2) It gives you eight kinds of services under three headings, such as protection, savings, and investments, and care for your old age needs like pension and retirement solutions.

3) To match its services with those of best in the insurance service, it has integrated unique measures in its care for the customers via its dedicated customer support services.

4) Not only does it sell insurance but in a section of its website, it teaches its customers to about the latest products about insurance vis-a-vis rights of the insured. You can find the right insurance policy for yourself here.

How can you check your status of your insurance policy?

The ING Vysya Bank provided total 4 ways to check the status of your insurnace policy via phone and email support:

1) Email to their customer care

Just send a mail and you will receive the latest status of your policy.

2) Call the customer care

Just call 1800 4198 282 or the mobile number 98808-88228 and get the right status of your policy.

3) Set your alert to receive your updates on status of your policy

You can submit your mobile number and email ID to receive updates on your present status by SMS or mails and keep yourself abreast of the changes in your status. Just go to this page  and set your alerts to get the updates.

4) Register your account in its website to get the latest info about your policy

You can register your account in its site. Log on to here and register your account. You can login to your account to know the latest updates about your status. You can update your telephone number, correspondence address, email ID and mobile number in this page to get the latest in your status. By this, you can keep yourself completely aware about the changes.

Other insurance company also provide such services, for example you can check LIC life insurance policy status here in detail. Let me know your experience with ING Vysya and leave your valuable comment for other users.