Status of Income tax refund - check online nowYou might be worried about knowing your present income-tax status. The general idea is tax matters are usually very tricky and requires caution. But internet has made it really easy and knowing the present income-tax status for a particular year requires just a “click” of the button of your computer’s mouse.  Now-a-days, you need to enter your PAN number and the year for which you need the details in the website and details appears instantly.

Steps to check income-tax refund status online

  1. Just go to the official website of Income tax site (click here). You need to enter your PAN number and the year for which you need the details of income-tax refund. As you click on the “submit” button, the information will appear with the details.Online form to check income tax refund status
  2. Alternatively, you can ring up SBI’s HELP DESK number. The number is 18004259760, which is a INCOME TAX TOLL FREE NUMBER that gives you details about your Income-tax refund.
  3. You can email them at  and to get your particulars about the refund.

Other 2 points that you should before filing for tax refund:

  • The fact to be noted in this respect is income-tax refund is considered valid only if the refund is filed within the fixed time-period. If you delay it, then you lose the interest on the refund money.
  • When you file online tax return, it helps you in getting quicker tax refund than offline tax return filing.

What it shows in Income-tax refund status?

Usually there are two types of data displayed in Income-tax refund status. If the address is correct and the refund cheque has been encashed , it will show the information in the following way;

Status of your tax-refund

Permanent Account Number (PAN) ARESK72XXX
Assessment Year 2010-11


As you submit the information, it will flash the following information;

Mode of Payment Reference Number Status Date Speed Post Ref. No
Refund Cheque CMPQ1025XXX Refund Cheque has already been encashed Sept,19,2012 ET300432XXXIN

Alternatively you can also check below image for your reference:

Status of your income tax refund show on official site

Some other relevant information about Income-tax Refund

  • The Income-tax department of India has appointed State Bank of India as its banker for sending income-tax refunds.
  • Refunds are produced in dual modes. The first one in ECS and second is in Cheque or demand draft. When you select the mode of refund as ECS, it means direct credit in your bank account. For this, it is compulsory for you to mention your computerized bank account number and MICR code of the bank’s branch along with the address for communication. When you have applied to receive the refund by bank cheque or demand draft, you need to correctly provide your bank account number with accurate address.
  • You will get the status only 10 days after the assessing officer sends the refund to its banker.
  • You are eligible to get the view of your status only if you have received the acknowledgement from Income-tax department that it has received the return form.