ICICI Bank is the leader in the group of private banks, which has almost revolutionized the concepts of credit cards. The bank has laden its credit cards with exclusive features of advantages, which can give best benefits to the users.

As a user and its valued customer, you get guided to choose your card that can help you immensely to arrive at a perfect solution for your day-to-day needs. And even on request the ICICI representative will come to your home to assist you to apply for credit card.   The best part about the ICICI Credit Card is that you can apply and get it easily without much hassle.

ICICI Credit Card

Let’s find out how to check your ICICI Cr Card statement online along with it’s feature:

Other exclusive features of ICICI credit cards

  • Although the cards are laced with your need based advantages, you get the privilege of getting hand-picked awards.
  • Secondly, you get the privilege of “payback” by earning points on the purchases through a multi-brand loyalty programme.
  • Further, you can cash in the points though a host of options that the bank gives you.

How can you apply for the ICICI Bank credit cards?

In order to apply for a Credit Card from ICICI Bank, first of all you must have a saving account in the bank along with a fixed deposit (for security purpose). Find here how to apply for a ICICI credit card online step by step.

How can you check ICICI Bank credit card statement online?

  • You can go to this page and the webpage will give you a small form to fill up. Give the details like credit card number, date of birth and validity of card (period). You can get your status immediately.

Enter your details in order to check the ICICI credit card statement on just one click

  • You can opt in your account for getting updates through SMS that will keep you updating for monthly credit card statement.
  • The ICICI Bank also provide 24×7 customer care support of your personal statements of cards by calling the customer care numbers throughout India.  Here is the full list of customer care number:

ICICI Credit Card dedicated Customer Care Number