BSNL Broadband

  • Are you existing BSNL broadband user?
  • Are you not able to find out current usage of your broadband plan?
  • Do you want to track the usage of your broadband connection?
  • Do you have limited broadband usage plan and want to monitor broadband usage?

If any one of my above question is matching to yours own then this post is for you. You can ask that why do I want to check broadband usage? Let me tell you dear that no one would like to pay extra charges for additional usage. Also home user usually opts for limited broadband plans as it is much cheaper than any one of the broadband service provider in India.


Now let us check what are the options available to check BSNL broadband usage are. There are 4 options to check broadband usage, these are:

1)      Check broadband usage status Online

2)      Check BSNL broadband usage status via SMS

3)      Check it via software

4)      Monthly broadband usage alert via email


Check BSNL Broadband Usage Status Online

BSNL portal website provides complete online solution to check broadband usage on to their website itself. You must have an account (user name and password) on BSNL in order to check monthly or daily status of broadband usage. Visit to create a new account and check status online.

BSNL Customer Support Portal


Check Broadband usage via SMS

1)      The first step is to get your landline number registered on BSNL via SMS.

2)      Send SMS to 52295 using REG STD-CODE LANDLINE-NUMBER; example is given below:

REG 033254878765

3)      Once landline no. is registered then you can check current usage of your internet broadband connection via SMS.  Let’s check how to send SMS to check existing usage- BBU STD-CODE LANDLINENO; example is given below:

BBU 033254878765



Check BSNL Broadband usage via Software

BSNL provide readymade free software that allow registered BSNL user to check current usage of their broadband plans.  It’s a small software application that runs on Windows XP, Visa, 2007 and Windows 8. Download this free software here: Download



Monthly Broadband Usage via email and cell phone Alert

It’s one of the best ways to keep in track of broadband usage as every month BSNL will be sending a monthly alert on your email address and on phone number. Visit and resister your email address for monthly alert.

Register your email and phone number after visiting above mentioned URL. Here you will have to fill up a small registration form for broadband usage alert. Please note that ‘Broadband Username’ will be required. This registration form looks like below screen.

Online BSNL Registration to check broadband usage

You will start receiving monthly broadband usage details on successful registration.