ICICI Bank has brought the CPP Card protection of the cards, issued by it. When your ICICI card is stolen, lost or tampered to make any embezzlement, the coverage for protection remains in force throughout 24 hours in a day. In case of loss or theft of card, you can activate the CPP card protection by calling from any part of the world.

How to block ICICI cr card online

Let’s see how can you block your ICICI  cr or debit card?

You can report the loss by a phone call.

You may be at any part of the world but you just need to make a free call to the CPP 24 hour helpline. Call 1800-419-4000 or 6000 4000. Add the prefix city STD code if you are making a call by your mobile phone. The CPP will take the initiative and call all the concerned issuers to cancel the cards and report as lost or stolen. CPP also assists you in getting the cards reissued. The CPP protection can give you other services if you pay a single premium of Rs 1495 online. Let’s see some other interesting features of this service;

  • You can avail emergency hotel and travel assistance. In case, you are without cash and credit cards to pay your bill, while you are staying in a hotel or dining out in a restaurant, the CPP can facilitate the payment.
  • Suppose, you have lost your tickets with cash and credit cards, the CPP can arrange your travel tickets, enabling you to return home.
  • When you have lost all your cash along with the cards, the CPP can advance you cash. This is applicable in India for the cards having premium memberships.

You can report online

You can report the loss, theft and any fraudulent activities that have taken place in your card by logging into here.

  • The link will show the webpage and in the middle of the page, it is written online services >> Card protection plans. Please follow the following steps.
  • Click on the online services. On the displayed page, there are various links with their related pages. Click on the “Manage accounts” links.
  • Next, you will be guided to the page, containing features of “manage accounts”. There will be four options, such as “Bank Accounts”, “Credit Cards”, “Loan” and “Demat”.
  • Click on “Credit Cards” and you will be guided to the page, which has various options for managing credit cards. Roll your mouse over the options to know about the service it offers. Select the option > place service requests online.
  •  By login to your account, you can place your request for blocking your cards.

You can file written request to the bank

When your cards are stolen, you can rush immediately to your branch, where your account is located. Give a written application to the branch head with a request to block transactions in your credit cards. The branch can immediately block all further transactions in your credit cards till you ask to unblock them.