Ger your duplicate aadhar card online itselfAs the Aadhar card has been mandatory for many things, you might be the person, who has lost the Aadhar or misplaced it somewhere. As millions wait eagerly to receive this, you might be wondering whether availing the duplicate of it can be possible. A duplicate Aadhar card can be obtained if you provide certain information about the original card that you had received. This credential issued by the government requires to be handled with utmost care and caution by you and loss of it needs immediate steps to get a duplicate Aadhar issued in your favor.

Steps to receive a duplicate Aadhar Card

  1. If you have lost or misplaced the original Aadhar, you need to contact 1800-180-1947. As this is a very busy number, there are other things that might help you in this regard.
  2. The Aadhar enrollment paper is another thing to bail you out of this problem. If you are in the possession of Aadhar enrollment document, your Aadhar number can be retrieved from that. The Aadhar letter will be issued once again. You can also get the SMS about the Aadhar number as you have registered your mobile number at the time of enrolment. If your email ID is mentioned at the time of enrolment, the details can be received through an email.
  3. Your Aadhar number might be available from your PDS Ration Card. If you have knowledge about the registrar name through which you have done enrolment for Aadhar along with the date and place of enrolment, you can easily find out Aadhar enrolment number according to your name, date of birth, address and contact number etc.
  4. You can visit an Aadhar enrolment centre at your place and request the authorities for the Aadhar number.
  5. If none of these available, you can easily download the e-aadhar letter from the website. For that you need to log here and click on the relevant link to get the aadhar enrollment number.