You certainly appreciate Punjab National bank for its fast paced modernization. You get assured optimum services in accounts (current and savings), PNB FD schemes, credit schemes, capital gain account schemes, locker facility, banking services at your doorstep, cards, facilities for nomination, settlement of claim cases for deceased people, solutions in centralized banking, and privilege in knowing your account status.

The Punjab National Bank

When you need a demand draft of any value, you can walk in to the premises of  Punjab National bank and fill in the application form for the demand draft.

How can you get the application form for Demand Draft in PNB?

You can visit the branch of PNB at your place and get the application form.   Just visit the nearest PNB branch and ask for the DD form and they will provide it.

Commission charges for Demand draft in PNB

The service charges for demand draft vary based on total amount you want to send or transfer. For example the minimum charges if Rs 35 for individuals who are staying in metro and suburb location for up to Rs 10,000 of DD.

Here is quick overview of Punjab National bank Demand Draft commission fess for 2017 in detail:

  1. The commission for non-individual institutional customers, the service charge is Rs 40.
  2. For individual customers of  semi-urban, urban and metro branches, the DD charges are Rs 35.
  3. For the rural customers, the charges have been fixed at Rs 30.
  4. For drafts above Rs 10, 000, the charges are Rs 4.00 per thousand rupees for non-individual customers.
  5. For individual customers of semi-urban, urban and metro branches, the charges are Rs 3.50 for per thousand rupees
  6. For the customers of rural areas, the charges are Rs 3.00 for every thousand rupees.
  7. Students can do demand draft up to Rs 5000 for Rs 20 as service charge both in urban and rural areas.
  8. For duplicate demand draft you will have to pay Rs 100 for up to Rs 10,000 and Rs 125 upto Rs 1 lakh.

Cancellation of Demand drafts

  •       For cancellation of Demand draft, PNB charges Rs 20 for per draft up to Rs 500.
  •       If the value of demand draft is more than Rs 500, the bank deducts Rs 100 per draft.