You have a number of reasons to choose the scheme for HDFC Bank’s two wheeler loan. As the elite bank in the group of private banks in India, HDFC facilitates your request for a buy of a two wheeler with faster processing of your request and the rate of interest is really catchy. There are other players also in market like IDBI two wheeler loan however the HDFC is bit ahead by providing super fast services. With most of its operations made online, the decision to deal with your request for a bank loan for a two wheeler is really hassle free and free from any procedural tardiness. The best thing in it is you can apply online and even know the status of your application from its site.

HDFC Bank Two Wheeler Loan in India

Let’s see the best reasons that drive a stimulus in you, when you make the decision in favor of taking a loan from HDFC bank for your favorable buy of the two-wheeler.

i) The repayment options by HDFC are really flexible. You can change from one option to other in case you have any constraint to pay.

ii) The best of it in the two-wheeler loan scheme comes when you know that there is no need for any guarantor.

iii) If you have the penchant for expensive bikes, HDFC, as a bank, has special scheme to enable you to buy the same.

iv)  The bank does give you flexible and attractive schemes that suit you the most as per your affordability to buy your likeable bike.

v) On special occasions like Durga Puja, Diwali etc  the bank endows its borrowers of two-wheelers with special gifts.

How to Apply online?

  • Just login to this page  and apply online.
  • Once you have applied for the loan then you can track and check the application status of your HDFC 2 wheeler loan here.


  • You need to be a salaried or self-employed person.
  • You need to be within the age group of 21-65.
  • Your earning capacity has to be Rs 54,000, if you are a resident of any metro city in India. The income limit is set aside at Rs 44,000 for any non-metro city.
  • You need to be the resident of your place for at least a year.
  • The last necessity for your eligibility is you need to have a phone at your place of residence or office.

Documents for application

In order to apply for two wheeler loan you just need to provide below 3 proofs:

  1. Address proof
  2. Proof of identity
  3. Proof of your income

Rate of interest

The interest rate varies from 19.25% to 22.25% per annum for 02 wheeler for 2014 year.

Let me know your experience with HDFC loan department.