Sample driving licence for IndiaWhat is a driving license?

A driving license in India is the verified documentation and certification that someone has reached the minimum age and the person has the capability to ride or drive vehicles. This is issued by the concerned Regional Transport authorities and their respective offices at various places.

What is the minimum age eligibility for Driving License?

  • For the vehicles with the engine capacity of 50CC or less, the age limit is 16.
  • For all the vehicles having the engine capacity of more, the age limit is 18.
  • For commercial vehicles, the age limit is 20.

What are the types of driving licenses in India?

Different types of driving licenses are given as follows.

I.            Learner’s driving license– As you buy the vehicle, you need the “learner’s driving license” compulsorily. This license is valid for a period of six months. After it you will appear at the driving test and if you pass it, you can apply for “permanent driving license”. The “learner’s license” can be renewed for another six months.

II.            Permanent driving License- You can appear at the driving license test after thirty days of possessing the Learner’s driving license. You need to be very well-conversant with all the driving rules and regulations while you appear at the driving test for permanent license.

III.            Duplicate driving license- A duplicate driving license can be obtained, when you have lost it somewhere or it has been damaged. A duplicate license can be obtained if the original is stolen. You need to re-apply along with the FIR filed with the police about the loss of your driving license. It is always wise to keep a photo-copy of the driving license. In case, your validity of the license had expired and it was lost, then you need to obtain permission from the head office of transport department.

IV.            International driving license– The licensing authority also provides international driving license.  Any person visiting India can obtain it by applying with the details about his VISA and passport. The address proof and birth certificate are necessary at the time of submission of the application. This license is valid for one year.

V.            Two-wheeler License- For riding bike, moped and scoter, the transport authority issues both learner and permanent license.

VI.            Light Motor Vehicle License (LMV) – For driving auto-rickshaws, car, jeep, taxi and three wheeler vans, the transport authority gives “Light Motor Vehicle license”.

VII.            Heavy Motor Vehicle License (HMV) – For driving bus, truck, cranes, good carriages and tourist coaches, the transport authority gives “heavy motor vehicle license”.


Fees to be submitted along with the application for driving license


Types of License Fees (Rs)
  • Learner’s License (For two wheelers)
  • Learner’s license (For  Light motor Vehicle and MC with gear)
  • Permanent License (For two wheelers)
  • Permanent license for  LMV and MC with gear
  • Permanent Driving license (For other types of vehicles)
  • International driving permit
  • Duplicate driving license (Two-wheelers)
  • Duplicate driving license (Four wheelers)



  • 60
  • 90
  • 390
  • 440
  • 380
  • 650
  • 130
  • 300