The Dewan housing finance ltd is one of the best known private financing companies with different financial products.  Being a leader in housing finance, it offers flexible and easy  payment options for installments for the housing loans. To add to it, the fixed deposits offered by this giant in financial corporation also offering maximum of 15.45 % interest rate for long term deposit.

This is one of the highest rates offered by the financial institutions in India and so far Dewan housing finance has maintained its credibility in the public without incurring any harm to its reputation.  It has been accredited with an A++ by CARE for its reputation in the financial sector of the country.

DHFL FD interest rates in India

Le’ts check out the features and interest rates of Dewan Housing Finance ltd FD that is announced in this 2014 year.  The fixed deposit schemes are named as AASHRAY Deposit Plus schemes and the features of the schemes are given below:

  • The AASHRAY fixed deposit schemes are safe and can guarantee incomes for short, medium and long term incomes.
  • If you invest for more than 84 months, you can get higher returns in interest i.e. 15.45%.
  • The minimum about that need to invest is Rs 10,000.
  • Dewan housing Finance ltd (DHFL) takes exclusive care of senior citizens, widows, defense personnel, present home loan borrowers and shareholders by providing higher interest rates.
  • The Fixed Deposits are liquid because those provide very flexible payments.
  • DHFL is known for providing timely and prompt payment to its depositors in fixed deposits.
  • The ECS facility is also available for interest payments.
  • The process of application is easy and does not involve any kind of complications.

Below you can find the full details of fixed deposit interest rates offered by the Dewan Housing Finance Ltd from 14 months to 84 months applicable for this 2014 year: