There is only one company in India, which has unparalleled service in transportation on three grounds, such as pioneering technology, efficient customer-service, excellent performance through quality. It is Delhi Rajasthan Transport Company (DRTC). Although way back in 1971, it made a humble beginning as an associate company, mostly giving services as a domestic service provider, over the years it has grown phenomenally and is among the top companies in this sector.

Delhi Rajasthan Transport  Ltd

Delhi Rajasthan Transport Services details

Although, India has many such companies offering services in transportation of goods and commodities, This Company has distinctive services through flexible and personalized modules and due to this, it has now recognition in the industries as a major service provider in the industries. It maintains relationship with clients on personal basis and considers its requirements with utmost flexibility. This is the reason it is now a top company in transportation in India and abroad.

Highlights of its services

A major transporter- DRTC plays the important role of a transporter in nine states of India. It has spread its offices through well-organized network across north, south, and western regions. It has installed latest in the information technology (IT) and it executes its entire work with the help of highly skilled drivers, managers, and executives. It has at its disposal an impressive fleet of 600 trucks. To add to it, it has the support of 500 employees.

Best warehousing- Warehousing is just not storing the goods. Now-a-days, it is completely a different science from the olden days. DRTC stores its goods and commodities in sophisticated warehouses using the scientific means to keep the goods in perfect conditions with the help of scientific “warehouse management”.

Supply chain management- DRTC has engaged the specialists in supply chain management to keep the flow of logistics in perfect order without any disturbance. The logistical support from the experts come in the shapes of giving advises, optimization, and search for superior alternatives without giving least harm to the consignment in transit. It is almost a “one-stop” solution for the people, seeking most efficient services in transportation.

FTL- Your need could be a single truck, flatbed, or a completely hired fleet of carriers, DRTC has capability to give you the same without any problem.

Best products through “value additions”-   It could design any service in logistics, which you want especially for your need. Adding values to its services, it has served its clients to the best of its ability.

Customer-care– You could log on to Services page  and click on “customer care” at the top of the web-page. The services are available in calculating transit  time,  distance, and tax payment. You could give a “pick up” request as well.

Tracking- Send e-mail to to get latest updates about your shipment.

Call 91-291-2633673/2633674 and know about the status of your dispatches.