Routers are small devices, which connect multiple networks. Let me explain this in very simple language. A router is like a bridge in between multiple PC so that they can communicate each other.  For example, if you have 3 PC and want to connect to each of them together, then you will need a router that will help to connect all PCs. And same concept is applicable when you want to share BSNL internet connection on multiple Pcs

The default user details on BSNL Teracom and Nokia Simon Router


The importance of username and password for a router

As more and more computer systems are falling prey to hackings, it is important to set the security measure for your router. For that the router needs to be hard reset and then be given a new username and password to execute the safety measure for the router.

The role of default username and password in hard reset

Before you do a hard reset, experts suggest you try with default username and password. It may not be same with all the routers but the usual formats in this may allow you to have access to your router.

The usual format is:

Username: admin or administrator (try both)

Password: Password can remain <BLANK> or you can also press ENTER or write “admin” as the password.

Usually the manufacturer of the Router (like iBall) provided the user name and the password on backside of the router.

To know more about the default username and password, you may login to to know about the default usernames and passwords by seeing the default settings in this website.

BSNL Router

As day-by-day, the numbers of BSNL users are increasing in number, it is important to know about the ways to configure BSNL Wi-Fi Modem router to make the WI-FI or WLAN function properly. You can follow the simple steps to make the internet active in your desktop and laptop without any wire and physical connection.

Steps for configuring BSNL router

BSNL usually gives two types of routers. Those are NOKIA SIEMENS and BSNL Teracom. To configure the routers, the following steps are necessary.

  • Open your browser and and type or and then press enter.
    Login page of BSNL router
  • You will be given a prompt to username and password and the configuration shall begin with your ADSL/BSNL router.
  • You can enter username: admin and password: admin.
  • Now you are on to the Dashboard from where you can manage LAN or WIRELESS depending on your router.

Enjoy friends 🙂