Latest Indian Post Office Interest Rates on Fixed Deposit for 2013 yearAs per the standing instructions by government of India, the rates of interests on savings except the PPF will remain unchanging during the term of the deposit. The government says that every year,  it will decide about the rate of interest on small savings on 1st April and it will not change during the year. The rate will not change during the period of validity of the deposit. However in this 2014 year the Indian Post Office interest rates changed.


Interest Rate for PPF account

The government differs while it comes to interest rates for Public Provident Fund (PPF) account. As this is a scheme for 15 years, the rate of interest will vary every year. The present rate of interest for PPF account is 8.80%, which is compounded annually.


Rate of Interest on Post Office Various Investments

Let’s find out latest interest rates on fixed deposit of Indian Post Office below:


Schemes of  Investment Rates of Interest
  1. Post Office Saving Account
  2. 5 Years Recurring Deposit Scheme
  3. Post Office Time Deposit Account





  •  Post Office Monthly Income Deposit Scheme
  •  Senior Citizen Savings Scheme
  •  15 Year Public Provident Fund Account


  • National Savings Certificate
  1. 4% Per annum on individual or joint account
  2. 8.4% (Quarterly Compounded)
  3. 8.20% ( For the 1st Year)

8.30% (For the 2nd Year)

8.40% (For the third Year)

8.50% (For the 5th Year)


  • 8.50% Per annum
  • 9.30% Per Cent per annum
  • 8.80 %( Compounded Yearly)


8.6%  Compounded Six Monthly for 5 Years

8.9%  Compounded Six Monthly for 10 Years