Locker facility is one of the very important facilities which are required to the common public. And the Corporation Bank  assures safety and gives a peace of mind to those who want to secure their valuables in a high security zone. Banks are one of the safest places in any territory; government provides security to banks with the armed guards.

Private Banks also provide this facility of locker and they also make sure that the whole bank remains safe and secure throughout 365 days and 24/7 by allotting lots of armed guards to the bank. Locker facility has a different utility it depends on the way a customer uses it. You can use it to keep your documents safe and secure you can at the same time use it for keeping any very valuable object there like gold coin, jewellery or diamond etc.

Corporation Bank

Lets check out Corporation Bank Locker facility and charges applicable in cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata for this 2017 year below along with what things you need to consider while choosing any locker facility from any bank:

  1. Always try to choose the bank which is near to your place or house. This way it will be easy for you to access the bank.
  2.  Do keep the Xerox or photo copy of every document you want to deposit in the locker for safety. Also if there is any important number (PAN card no, Voter Card No or any other) do write the number in your cell save it in draft for emergency purpose.
  3. Do maintain a good relation with the bank staff so that they take initiative in helping you for any assistance regarding the locker.
  4. Always make a joint control for the locker or else make a nominee of your locker. In case of death of the locker holder the nominee can get the access to the locker.
  5. Locker charges are variable from bank to bank and the also depend on the size of the locker you want to avail. 

Corporation Bank Safe Locker Charges 

Below is the locker Charges of the Corporation Bank for your assistance:

Corporation Bank safe locker charges chart with detail information


  • In the above table it is clearly mentioned that as per the size of the locker the charge is different.
  • The facility also varies as per the urban and metro location. The urban locality customers need to pay less than the Metro locality customers.
  • For any assistance regarding any banking issue you can always call to the Corporation Bank toll free number: 1800-425-3555