State Bank of India enjoys the trustworthiness of being the largest commercial bank, run under the complete patronage of government of India. Its formidable existence is spread across the world and due to its sustained efforts in the development of banking at all levels, especially at the grass-root levels, it gets business worth billions of rupees. Admittedly, the yardsticks of management of this mammoth organization, have forever remained strong and far-reaching, which has resulted in highest credibility.

To take care of the customers’ grievances, SBI has brought in to existence a full-fledged system, where you can lodge you complaints and track as well. Let’s check out how to track your SBI Complaint status step by step below:

Now you can check your complaint status with SBI directly


What kind of complaints you can file?

Before knowing about checking of status of the complaints that you have filed, let’s know about the types of complaints that you can make.

  • You can complain about faults in ATM transactions.
  • You can complain whether you have faced any problem in internet banking?
  • You can complain whether personnel of a particular branch has defaulted in giving you service.
  • You can complain about any employee lacking knowledge in any particular area in banking.
  • You can also complain about any problem in the atmosphere of a branch of the bank.

How can you make a complaint?

  • Just login to official site and on the extreme right side of the webpage, click on “complaints” as show in below image:

Complaint link on SBI official site

  • This will lead you to a page, where you can write the details of your complaint. As you fill it up and click on the “submit” button, you will get a “Ticket number”. Here is how the online complaint booking form looks like:

Online complaint booking form sbo

  • Once submitted the complaint application then you can check the status of your complaint online by going here. You can then login to and this will lead you to a page.


  • You can input your “Ticket number” and image below. As you click on the “submit” button, it will give you the status of your complaint.