The professional courier is an established organization in national and international courier service. It is known for its distinction in fast and reliable service in sending documents and non-documents. You can send all kinds of extremely important, critical and urgent shipment throughout India and to various parts of world.  The company has designed its specific services, keeping in mind the urgent and complex necessities of the customer. Moreover, the customized services are designed by multi-modal distribution system functions through surface transport and by air and sea routes. With its broad and comprehensive range of services, it is able to reach the widest parts of costumers’ segment.

Now check delivery status of The Professional courier via online for free


Types of services available with professional courier online

Professional courier has divided its services in to two parts, such as domestic and international.  Let’s first know about domestic services. Those are broadly divided into following categories.

        I.            Express Services- The express service is for your valuable documents, which need to reach strictly in time. Professional courier has designed the service to make your documents and non-documents reach every part of India exactly in time.

II.            Surface cargo- The Company has created this service for bulk cargo, which needs to be carried on surface cargo. Being supported by light carrier vehicles and TPCs, it has its own leased Railway wagons and fleet of carriers that can carry your cargo on roads safely and deliver those across the nation.

III.            Air cargo- This service is very similar to surface cargo but the difference is cargo, letters and parcels are sent by air. Extreme care is taken in handling the cargo, which is sent by air.

IV.            Logistics–  The company has its go-downs across the nation and can provide very important logistic service to its clients for procuring, storing, processing, dispatching and most importantly safe packing as per the costumers’’ needs.

V.            Pick and pack service– This is yet another important service. In this, the company can give service even for putting the letter in envelope, labeling, processing and packaging.

Now, we can see some of its best features in International service. Those are as follows.

I.            Global Express– All documents and non-documents can be sent to various parts of the world by this service.  Operated through cutting-edge technology and faster services, the company has most economical prices to serve its customers.

II.            University  express–  This is operated through special messenger services, where exclusive deliveries are made for making the applications of students reach universities across the world.

How can you check delivery status of professional courier online?

  • To know about the exact delivery status of your consignment, you can login to here and the tracking page looks like:

Trace your professional courier delivery status via online tracking tool

  • As the page gets displayed, you can input the consignment number in the given box and know about the exact position of your consignment.
  • If you have multiple consignments, you can click the link below to track multiple consignments. Use hyphen “-“mark to separate the consignments and get the results of your queries.