General packet radio service (GPRS) is meant for faster internet services in GSM network. For transfer of data, it uses a technique called packet technique to make the transfer of data and gives connection to internet. With the help of this, you can use internet from your mobile phone’s handset.

You can also be able to read and reply to your email accounts in the same way you do from your desktop through your landline. With the help of a data cable, you can also access internet from your laptop and desktop by your GPRS enabled mobile phone.

Let’s check out BSNL GPRS Plans with features in details for 2014 year below.

New BSNL GPRS 2g plan launched in 2013 in India

GPRS can help you to download many things from internet. Those are;

  1. Ring tones
  2. Tones for MP3
  3. Logos
  4. Wallpapers
  5. Videos
  6. Animations
  7. Games
  8. Emails etc

Tariff valid for GPRS/Edge for 2G data card/voice plans

Under this plan, the website exclusively owned by BSNL gives you ringtones, videos, wallpapers, games, and animation videos by MMS (multimedia messaging service).  Presently though this service is available for eastern zone, soon it will be available in the entire nation. More details of BSNL GPRS 2g & 3g data details are available below. Click here to download BSNL GPRS settings on your mobile phone.

GPRS also gives WAP (Wireless application protocol)

Wireless application protocol is the standard way for setting up link for internet to mobile phones. WAP is the protocol application procedure set for availing internet in the phone. This application is only used for handheld devices and PDAs. This protocol is only designed for the purpose of micro browsing. This is very much helpful for internet applications for the mobile phones. WAP does not make use of HTML; as an alternative for micro-browsing, it makes use of WML.

MMS- an important feature of GPRS

Text messaging is only a part of SMS service by BSNL; messaging has become more meaningful through messages, audio, text and video, which can make a combination of all these. MMS is extremely important now-a-days in business, where message needs to go through text and images. The messages can be sent along with a video. Even though, the receiver’s phone is switched off, the messages get stored to be delivered as soon as the users switch on their phones.

Postpaid GPRS 2G Plan details

This GPRS plan is best for Postpaid BSNL user where you pay only Rs 49 and get 500 MB. If you surf internet on regular basis then 10 GB plan would be best that come at only Rs 249. More tariff plan is given below:



BSNL Prepaid GPRS Plans

This plan is for the prepaid BSNL users where the plan starts as low as Rs 7 for 700 MB and for heavy use you can pay only Rs 300 and enjoy 6 GB of data. More 2g GPRS recharge details are given below:

Prepaid GPRS plan from BSNL