BSNL WiFi services are really convenient because of the wireless connectivity that can offer. Of late, BSNL has earned a huge success for its broadband connections. To make its broadband services compatible with speed, BSNL takes its own prescribed modems.

It gives modems, depending on various technicalities of its broadband services and Wi-Fi systems.

Let’s see the BSNL ADSAL modems with Wifi and its related features in detail.

BSNL Wifi Modem for broadband from Teracom

ADSL Modem (Basic)

It is given the technical short name “Type-B1/B2”.  The word “ADSL” stands for “Asynchronous digital subscriber line” modem that is used for getting connected to internet through telephone cables with a speed up to 12 Mbps. But this speed can be functional depending on the quality of connection and distance.

This modem is not Wi-Fi enabled.

Price: The Price of this ADSL Modem is Rs 1400. Besides this, you pay a monthly rental of  Rs 50. After 24 months, you pay Rs 25 as monthly rental.


In short, it has got the technical name “Type-W2”. This is suitable for broadband connection at home and office. Usually, people using laptop find it ideal for them. A Wi-Fi can enable internet throughout a building. If these modems are used with terminal adapter, you can make voice calls through BSNL network.

This modem is WI-FI enabled.

Price: The Price of the modem is Rs 2,100. Please note that you can also buy the BSNL modem online or local store in Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata etc city.  Besides this, you pay a monthly rent of Rs 80 for this. After 24 months, the monthly rent becomes Rs 40.


Its short nomenclature is Type-WT. Besides, Wi-Fi, it is also VoIP enabled.

Cost: The BSNL ADSL Wifi TA is available at a price of Rs 2,550. You pay a monthly rental of Rs 100. After 24 months, you pay Rs 50 as monthly rental.



It is known by the short technical term “Type-VD”. VDSL (Very high speed digital subscriber line) modems are used for extremely fast internet connection of 16 Mbps and it remains functioning within a distance of 1km.

Cost: For this you pay a price of Rs 3250. Besides this, you pay a monthly rental of Rs 130. After 24 months, you pay Rs 65.

You do not get Voip service in this.

Extra features

  • All these modems have one USB port.
  • Only ADSL (Basic) port has one Ethernet port and except that all the modems have 4 Ethernet ports.