Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has launched its fastest 4th generation internet services through the WIMAX technology. This wireless technology can give you exceptionally speedy broadband services that can solve your need for faster access to internet. BSNL offers various 4G plans to its users to access this service in the wide-spread areas of the nation with the tariff rates, ideal for the users of every segment.

Quick review of BSNL 4G Plans


Usually, the 4G plans by BSNL are divided into two different user groups.  The first plan is for the home users and the second plan is for business users. The other specialty of this plan is it offers fixed as well as roaming broadband connections for broadband services.  The internet services available through 4G WIMAX technology are truly thrilling.


  • You can have broadband services with speed up to 7 mbps.
  • You can download or upload data up to 7 mbps. This is amazingly fast speed.
  • The performance of this technology is extremely superior.
  • It makes use of world’s latest wireless WIMAX technology.
  • The cost involved is really low and the tariff plans are really economical. BSNL has made its best efforts to make the plans user-friendly.
  • You get the leased lines with VPN services.
  • There is also the facility of web based video conferencing.
  • The tariffs are available in prepaid and postpaid plans. BSNL has divided the services for home and business users.


Area coverage

This service can be available through many different customer premises equipments, which are indoor and outdoor and the same can be obtained by using the dongle. As a valued customer of BSNL, you are at large to select the services, suitable for your use.

The area coverage can be divided into three categories, such as indoor, outdoor and through use of Dongle services.

  1. Services for the indoor operations– You can use it at your home and office as well. This facility can be had in the moving vehicles also.
  2. Operation through USB or Dongle– You can carry the plan through a data card inside a dongle and use it in PC and laptop by making use of USB port.
  3. Outdoor 4G services–  Outdoor 4G services are available from BSNL 4G plans, when you travel to interior areas. This can be operated up to a distance of 15 Kilometers inside the interior or rural areas that comes in line of sight from the BTS sight.


Latest 4G Plans by BSNL (2013 Year)

The details of the BSNL 4G plans are given hereunder in the table.

HOWI 1000 HOWI 1800 BUWI4400 BUWI8000 BUWI 12000 BUWI 20000
Single User/ Multi User Single User Single User Multi user Multi User Multi User Multi User
Installation Charges (1 time) Rs 750 Rs 750 Rs 750 Rs 750 Rs750 Rs 750
Fixed Monthly Plans Rs 1,000 Rs 1,800 Rs 4,400 Rs 8,000 Rs12000 Rs20000
Yearly Payment Rs 10,000 Rs 18,000 Rs 44,000 Rs 80,000 Rs 120,000 Rs 200,000
Download / Upload                                                               –UNLIMITED
Security Deposit for all the plans                                                            –One month tariff
Internet Speed 256 Kbps 512 Kbps 256Kbps 512 Kbps 1024 Kbps 2048 Kbps
Fixed Monthly Charges for Dongle Rs 30 Rs 30 Rs 40 Rs 40 Rs 40 Rs 40