Lip balms are the best things, which the girls would not share with anyone. Especially in the days, when the days are dry and rough, the lips become too much dry and chaffed. The ugly and sore lips become real embarrassment for the young girls. Lip balms help immensely in healing the lips, although in the market the real good ones are not available easily. Here goes a list that gives you gist about the real good brands in the market. At least the brands are the ones, which every girl could keep proudly in her vanity bag.

List of Best Lip Blam available in India

Let’s have glances about the leading brands in India, which have so far kept their holds in the market.

Vaseline- lip therapy balm

This one is available in four varieties, which heal, moisturize, and save your lips from sore due to cracking. This pack is really pocket friendly that does a wonderful job in moisturizing your lips.

This simply costs your pocket Rs 100 for 4 GM pack.

Lip Ice Lip Balm

Although this product made recent entry in the market, it has huge following. This product has the first quality of being inexpensive. With its SPF 15 content, the lip balms are available in four different varieties. The lotion in the tubes keeps your lips perfect with nourishment.

The 4.3 gram pack costs your pocket only RS 120.

Nivea Fruity Shine lip Balm

Nivea offers two exquisite lip balms and both the balms enjoy a lot of market attention.  This one is really redolent, which not only moisturize your lips in great way but with its really pigmented content, it gives great colors to your lips.

The price is really affordable with its Rs 129 tag.

Nivea-repair and protection lip balm

There goes no doubt that Nivea is the market leader in Indian market. This lip balm pack of 4.8 gram has the unique content of Bisabolol and wheat germ oil. As the former is famous for its healing properties, the latter is really good for skin. This formula in its content gives faster healing to the lips and protects those from any harm. It has SPF 15, which is really good for skin.

Priced at Rs 145, this product is really a worthy one for 4.5 gram pack.

Lip Ice Lip Balm

This is almost a revolutionary product that took India by surprise. Teenagers and young girls find this simply unavoidable. The reason is its magnificent packing, which comes in seven wonderful varieties. Each tube has some uniqueness that the user alone could discern. The complete package has 5 tinted and two special types of lip balms.

This Rs 150 pack of 4.5 gram is simply superb.

The body shop- Vitamin E SPF 15 Lip Care

This cream is rich with its content of vitamin-E and as everyone knows the vitamin works great for your skin. The damaged skin of the exterior of your lips stays perfect with hydration and gets a lot of nourishment due to hydration. Quality is great in comparison to the price and would not put you in a bad bargain.

The 4-2 gram pack costs Rs 225.

Hemp Lip Protector- The Body shop

This balm is really worthy with its qualities and has in its element everything to prove its fame. If you are staying in rough climate and you need a balm that would last for a long time. You need not worry if you have it in your handbag as this does need frequent use. This lotion is something to keep your lips waxy and shining without giving them any hue. It works great with a bit application of lip-stick.

This 4.2 pack costs Rs 290 for 4.2 grams pack.

Now let’s talk about three expensive brands, which could become great match for your rich taste in


This is another worthy brand, which is great for your skin. It is really very light and a good moisturizer. If you want to have baby soft lips, this lotion would indeed stand second to none in its place. As the lotion has different natural ingredients, it lasts definitely a longer period than the ordinary lotions.

The 5gm for Rs 580 is undoubtedly a good buy.


Kiehl’s Balm

This is one of the most prominent brands in lip care and distinguished as a top brand the market. Available in tube packs, the colors are available in three different varieties. With SPF 15 and UVA and UVB protection, this balm is boon for its users in scorching heat of summer.

It is an expensive brand with a price tag of Rs 600 for a 15ml pack.


If you have love for Vegan products, Lush could become your perfect choice. This expensive but worthy balm is undoubtedly without any Beeswax and Honey wax content. Rather, it has Carnauaba wax, which is really skin-friendly. To add to these things, this balm has extra virgin coconut oil and murmur butter with great healing properties with moisturizer.

The price tag of Rs 665 for a tin is of course justified.