India is a developing nation and its well on its way to becoming one of the leaders that shapes the world but with more than half of our population living in less than hygienic conditions the bright future of the young leaders are at stake, Every minute its estimated that hundreds of children fall prey to numerous diseases that spread by touch and because children are so susceptible to diseases it’s hard to protect their interests without putting a bar on their childhood. that’s why Liquid Hand washes are so common all over the world.

Which is the best liquid hand was soap available in India

Despite several hand wash products in the market the war on germs has not reached its climax, that’s mainly because a majority of hand wash soaps are below average in performance as they give fragrance and the feel priority over the germ killing value of the product. We have analyzed the best brands that not only provide excellent hygiene but also creates an all round product in the market.

Is the Liquid Hand wash a Dying Fad?
In the world of medicine it’s no secret that speed and recovery is what doctors and scientists  are trying to achieve through their work. a faster cure for the common cold, a faster cure for aching bones and a faster cure to the germs on children’s hands. so as long as there are mischievous and active children around we are sure that the hygiene is in the hands of this liquid hand wash industry, here are few products that standout as excellent in all-round performance.

Lifebuoy Liquid Hand wash

The best hand wash from lifebuoy

Lifebuoy is one of the most trusted names in the Indian pharmacy industry, it has been delivering soaps and hygiene products for a very long period and has one of the most trusted range of products around. Dermatologists have recommended this product because it even kills 99%  germs. it is also a moisturizer that helps in keeping the hand soft. the squeaky clean feeling of the Lifebuoy hand wash is probably the best feeling as it leave your hands soft and smelling pretty good.

Dettol Liquid Hand wash

The Dettol Liquid handwash to stay healthy

Dettol is one of the most famous and oldest brands in the country and can be seen used right from your hospitals to your 5 star restaurants. Though it’s losing market share due the emerging competition it is still one of the best hand wash liquid soap out there. it is the one brand most preferred by professionals all around and also feels pretty sturdy with its distinctive synthetic smell that is truly Dettol.

Pears Liquid Hand wash

3rd best hand wash from Pears brand in India

There are hardly any hand washes designed for children and their delicate skin as most of the other hand washes tend to be harsh and dry out a kids skin rather fast. Pears Liquid Hand Wash is designed for the cause of keeping the delicate hands  at a totally germ free level. it is pleasant to smell and has been marketed well.

Hand washes are a major deal in a place like India the only thing it needs to be chosen well to deliver the best welfare for the ones we love.