This will certainly warm up your heart to know that only with the help of Bank of Baroda’s double dhamaka fixed deposit scheme, you can double up your income in 7 years , 8 months and 29 days. Unbelievable but true, this great offer can help you out with your savings plans for your children and family.

Bank of Baroda FD rates

Before you thing to invest in BOB, I would suggest to check DCB bank fd rates and Karur Vysya fd rates that offer better return for this 2016 and 2017 year.

Where can you have it?

Just contact all the CBS branches of Bank of Baroda in your area, the branch heads will let you have the scheme without any hassle.

What makes you eligible for this?

i)  As an individual, you can apply for this fixed deposit scheme in your own name.

ii) You can also apply for it in joint names either with your spouse or with the partner.

iii)  Even aged more than 10, you can apply for this as a minor under the conditions laid down by the bank.

iv) As the owner of clubs, partnerships, joint ventures, educational institutions, companies or any other institution, you are also eligible to apply for this Double dhamaka FD scheme.

What is the minimum deposit required for this?

At least, you need to invest Rs 5,000 as investment for this FD scheme. Maximum deposit has to be less than 1 crore. You can check the best fd interest rates in India here.


Once your interests are accrued, your taxes will be deducted at source.

Rates of interest

  1. You will get 9.05% per annum as interest and this is also applicable for the non-resident Indians.
  2. As a senior citizen, you are eligible to get 9.55%.

How can you download the form for this FD scheme?

You can download the fixed deposit application form by logging into this URL and printing the form from the list.

How can you apply?

You can open this FD account in the CBS enabled branches of Bank of Baroda.

Premature withdrawal

You can apply for the premature withdrawal at the penalty rates prescribed by the bank.