In India, teachers can be called “the nation makers”. They are the people, who create ideologies in the characters of students, which ultimately inspire them to do greater things in their lives. Andhra Pradesh is a state that ranks as a leading state in India for disseminating education and the teachers are respected people for uplifting educational values inside the state.



How the teachers’ selection is made In Andhra Pradesh (AP)?

Teachers’ selection takes place through teacher eligibility test. It is an entrance examination, which is compulsory for all the candidates, aspiring to be teachers.  This is applicable for the persons both at the central and state government cadres. The candidates need to come through the first paper in order to teach class-1 to class-5. The paper-2 is meant for teaching the students of class-6 to class-8.

Eligibility for the teachers’ selection

  1. The examination for this is based on national curriculum framework.
  2. The second pre-requisite for this is you need to have a Bed degree for appearing at the examination for teachers’ selection.
  3. You get 2 hours and 30 minutes for writing this examination.
  4. For the both the papers, you need to provide answers for 150 questions.
  5. The teachers’ selection test is conducted twice in a year for the paper-1 and paper2.
  6. The teacher selection test is called TET (Teachers’ eligibility test).

Salary and perks for the teachers

Salary Amount (Rs)
Basic Salary






Total Rs 17,433