About the offer from IRCTC

Indian Rail Catering & Tourism Corporation Ltd (IRCTC) offers packaged trips to various places across India, which is named as “Bharat Darshan Services”. It’s also popular with name like Bharat Darshan Yatra etc. It originates from various places in India with the itineraries that include mainly the places of pilgrimage.


The IRCTC Bharat Darshan Yatra details

What are the places covered in Bharat Darshan Services?

  • The Bharat Darshan services cover Chardham yatra (The four most important religious places in east, west, south and North India). The time schedule for this is 18 days.
  • It covers 12 Jyotirlingas or places of abode of Lord Shiva in India within 34 days.
  • It also has the facility of providing Shirdi sai Darshan at Shirdi of Maharashtra.


What is the cost that you need to bear?

  • The IRCTC charges Rs 500/- per day approximately from a traveler.
  • The charges take care of
  1.  Train ticket cost
  2. Dormitory charges (The traveler has to pay extra for hotel room charges) for overnight stays.
  3. Costs of vegetarian meals
  4. Tourist bus charges for seeing the sights
  5. Fees of the train security guards.
  6. The traveler has to pay for the entry tickets of sights or spots separately, while visiting them
  7. Fees of the tour guides etc.

If you want to cancel the IRCTC ticket somehow then make sure to to cancel at least 2 days before hand.


How can you do the Reservations for Bharat Darshan Services?

  • You can do the reservations by login to here.
  • As the webpage gets flashed, click login at the top right of the page.

Login page of Bharat Darshan portal

  • If you are a registered user of this website, click on the user login. Else click on the” guest” login.
  • The page will guide you about various plans for Bharat Darshan services and you need to click on “know more” button to know about each plan.
  • After you know about the trip in detail, you can click on the link besides it “book ticket”.
  • You can book your ticket with the help of credit card, Master card and debit Card.
  • By following the above steps, you can confirm your bookings.


Few things to remember about Bharat Dharshan Services

  • Bharat darshan services do not have the services for providing air-conditioned travelling.
  • IRCTC does not offer leisurely travel as every day you are taken to a new place, the journey might offer very frantic and boring.
  • You need to spend days in the train travelling around the places, which may cause discomfort.