Although, the people in Orissa were aware of the term “human resource”, the recent initiatives by the government of Odisha have ensured successful implementation of steps in human resource management that would boost up efficiency of hundreds of thousands of staffs in various services to the government of Orissa.  In this most important project, the government plans to automate projects that would completely do automation of the personnel matters. As the other govt sectors like SBI HRMS to PNB HRMS using online technology for their employee, similarly the Orissa Govt. also taking necessary stems via HRMS to its state employee.

HRMS Orissa

Highlights of the HRMS (human resource management system) project

  1. Through this project, the employee can apply for leave, loan, and send his or her report, application or grievance by logging into the HRM project’s login in its portal.
  2. The authorities will henceforth be able to send their notification, order, and all the very important notification to the account of HRM of the employees.
  3. The HRM software is capable of generating all accounts and registers, such as service books, leave account, loan account, salary account, chart of incumbency, and retrieval of data from transactions.
  4. It is a boost in confidence to the people, who are on the verge of retirement because they can submit their retirement papers by themselves to the authorities, who can sanction the retirement benefits to them.
  5. The HRMS completely tracks and takes care of the service book of a particular employee.

About Orissa HRMS login

  1. You get the facility of maintaining your details as an employee of the government of Odisha and you also avail“login” information for logging in to your account in the portal of HRM.
  2.  You can log on to this URL to know whether your service details are registered in the portal, you can also use apps for this HRMS.

Other benefits

You can log on to view the benefits and systematization of service details of employees in the site of HRMS in Odisha. Just open this page  on your browser and you can see the features in this portal.

Let’s know about three of them.

a)  OTMs – HRMs is now integrated with integrated treasury management system and in this, you can have complete online submission of bills to the treasury.

b)  Pay bills – The bills of the offices can be collected district wise and submitted online and paid through this.

c)  Service book – The HRM system has taken in its fold the maintenance of more than 3,00,000 service books of the employees.