The Bank of India is a leading nationalized bank in India. It has implemented many good steps to help its employees. As a bank with fully computerized operations, it has also computerized the details of its employees in its website for them. The purpose of launching the website is as follows.


So let’s check out Bank of India HRMS portal details from login URL to staff portal below in detail on this 2014 year below:

  • As a new employee, you can register your employment details with the bank.
  • The bank sends you one-time-password (OTP) and you can easily login with the help of your laptop/mobile/and desktop.
  • You can make use of a host of applications with the help of one-time-password sent to your mobile.
  • With the help of MMS user-ID, and MMS password called hardware token, you can access your account as and when you need it.
  • In another significant move, BOI also gives the chance of registering the details of retired employees through a feature called “BOI Alumni”.

How can you register your details with BOI HRMs?

The login to BOI HRM portal is possible through BOI Safe. Let’s see below what you need to do to login to your HRM account in Bank of India.

  1. Before you login, check that you have switched on the internet in your mobile phone, black berry, android phone, or iPad etc.
  2. You can go to this URL which is the official HRMS page of Bank of India.
  3. On top right hand side, you will see a link called “Click here to Continue” that will allow you to check all the details by logged in into the account.

What can you do with the five menus on HRMS?


5 details on Bank of India HRMS page

a)   With the first menu, you can do the user registration.

b)  With the help of second menu, you can access all the applications of the bank making use of BOI safe mobile application.

c)  If you are the managing director, executive director, and a top ranking official of Bank of India, you can make login to these applications using the option of hardware token. You can execute with the help of third menu.

d)  You can receive one time password (OTP) in your registered mobile and login to access all the applications with the help of the fourth menu.

e)  If you are a user of the ultra small branch of BOI, you can access through the fifth menu.

f)  You can access the user manual by logging in to this page and go through all the “dos’ and don’ts”.

g)   For any inquiry, you can call to the support team of Bank of Inia at 022-6744-7108.

h)  You can also email