The gentle skin of babies needs extra attention with some extra care. The daily soaps which we use are strong chemical based which acts harsh on the soft skin of these little angels. So, they should be pampered even while bathing and use of chemical based soaps should be avoided. There are many herbal as well as mild soaps and body washes available in the market, which are exclusively made for the baby’s skin. Have a look to the best baby soap for newborn in India for 2017 with price.

The best baby soap brand in India

Johnson Baby Soap

The best baby shop is the Johnson Baby Soap

Johnson Baby soap is very famous among Indians and without any specific research one could say that each and every newborn has used this soap, that too “extensively”. It is one of the mildest soap which is enriched with many essential vitamins that restores the softness of the skin without harming it. Even though there are different other companies available in the market, none could take the place of this brand. It is still number one and not only babies but even adults like to use this soap. The cost of this soap is also very reasonable, which is Rs 35 for a 100 gm soap. 

Mother Care

The Mother Car Soap for your baby

Mother care products are another reliable and safe to use products for newborn. The soap is mild as well as gentle and does not irritate the skin of your little one. It also contains natural ingredients which leaves your baby’s skin soft and supple. Even though, the price of 100 gm soap is Rs199, still lot of mothers prefer bathing their infants with this soap, just because it is mild and hypo-allergenic.

Chicco Baby Moments Soaps

The 3rd best baby soap from Chicco Baby Moments Soap

This is also one of the most trusted and reliable brand for babies. It gently cleans the baby’s skin along with moisturising it. These are also hypo-allergenic and are vegetable based, therefore  it means that your little baby will not be at a risk of showing any skin allergies. They have products which range from zero month and comes at a price of Rs 85 for 125 gm.

Himalaya Extra Moisturising Baby Soap

The Himalaya Extra Moisturising Baby Soap

These are again one of the trusted brands in India when it comes to choosing soaps for infants. With its natural extracts, it works wonders on your baby’s skin and keeps it healthy and moisturized. It contains essential oils which even replenishes the moisture of the infant’s skin while keeping it smooth and soft. It is totally herbal and comes with anti-allergic ingredients. Many mothers rely on this product when it comes to choosing a soap for the delicate skin of their babies. It comes at a very reasonable price of ₹ 10 per 25 gm.

Doy Soap

Baby soap from Doy

Doy soaps provide extra care to your baby’s skin. The best part of this product is that, it comes with Aloe Vera, which has its own medicinal properties and works wonders on those gentle skins. Kids who are more than 2 years old also enjoy bathing with this soap as it comes in different shapes of animals. The presence of glycerine provides extra moisture and softness to the skin. It comes in a different price range of around Rs 34 per 125 gm.