With the advancing technology, the demarcation between feature phones and smart phones is slowly getting vague. Smart phones have come down under the category of Rs 5000 carrying all the attractive features, which were earlier available with the costlier devices.


Earlier I posted a full review of top 10 andriod phone under Rs 10,000 that you can find it here. This is heartening for the people, who had a secret liking for the android phones. Now, there are a number of phones, which you can buy with below Rs 5,000 budget with good look and lots of feature in this 2017 year.

 Find the 5 Best Android Phone available in India



Let’s find the 5 best Andriod  Phone under Rs 5,000 in India for this 2013 year along with review and price below:

Micromax smarty A65

The Micromax smarty A65 andriod phone with dual sim

You would not believe but this phone carries a Spreadturm chipset and is really striking with its 4.3 inch WVGA display. Sporting a 2.3.5 gingerbread operating system (OS), it gives really good performance. In addition to all these, you get a 1 GHZ dual-core processor along with 2 mega pixel camera with flash. Moreover, the presence of WiFi support in this low priced phone with 512 MB RAM and double SIM capacity are indeed great attractions for the buyers.  You can talk incessantly with the help of 1350mAh battery for five hours. It comes with 200 hours of standby time.

You can buy Micromas Smarty A65 at Rs 5000.

Celkon A9+

2nd best android mobile from Celkon A9+ in India

 Celkon makes this available to you with a 3.5 inch display with 320×480 pixels. Moreover, the 4.10 ice-cream sandwich and 1 GHz processor make this a really fast and desirable phone. As it comes with one mega-pixel rear camera and another VGA front camera, other usual features like 256 MB of RAM and microSD slot for RAM make this definitely at far with the costlier versions sold by others. You get other connectivity features like WiFi, EDGE and Bluetooth that can make you a proud owner of an Android phone. The 1359mAh battery takes care of all these features.

The price tag of Rs 3299 is really catchy.

Magicon M2 Elegante

Magicon M2 Elegante Android phone available in India

M2 Elegante, M39 Savvy, and M3 atom brands released by Magican M2 series are really impressive, which come loaded with features.  M2 Elegante comes with 3.5 inch display with320×480 display with 320×480 resolutions. It has two cameras; one VGA at the front and one 2 mega-pixel camera at the rear.  The front camera is excellent for video calling and chatting. Moreover, this is a 3G Smartphone, which gets going by Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform and 1 GHz quadcomm processor and comes loaded with many other applications like whatsapp, mobile tracker, Skype, Facebook, fruitninja, and Magicon care and many wonderful features.

The price Rs 4343 is quite attractive and it is available at

Fly F40

Fly F40 mobile phone

This is actually a basic F40 phone, which comes with Android 2.3 gingerbread processor and looks nice with the 4 inch HVGA display and 320×480 resolutions.  It runs with the 1GHz dual core processor, and dual SIMs. The twin cameras at the front and rear make an interesting combination with the other state-of-the-art features of the phone. The 1400mAh battery gives a lot of support for your multi-media needs.  With 170 MB memory, the microSD slot can be supplemented with memory chip.

The phone is available with a tag of Rs 4500

Magicon M39 Savvy

Magicon M39 Savvy android phone

This is a second offer from Magicon that sports a 3.95 inch display and 320×480 pixels resolution. It also has the Android 2.3 gingerbread platform and 1GHz processor. The M39 savvy has a bigger and better battery with 1350mah that can give you a long lasting after recharge. The phone has integration with a number of channels.

It is definitely an interesting buy at Rs 3999.